FunBox2000, FunBoxTimesSquare, FunBoxReDux


In Fun Box, a lightning-fast, post-millennium amusement park ride, actors sweep the audience through the primeval experiences of one's life journey - from birth to death. Although the text remains the same from night to night, the show varies greatly from performance to performance depending on what the audience brings to it.


Unpredictable interpretations of texts that range from Shakespeare and Whitman to the personal property laws of dogs will take the audience on a walking journey that unexpectedly twists and turns through the human experience: cotton candy, sharks at your feet, a summer breeze, a high school slow dance, crickets at night, a piñata party, weightlessness, a firing squad at your back, zippers, Jell-o through a straw, vocal landscapes, perfumes, onions ... action above, below and all around you.




Faux-Real Theatre Company presents FUNBOX, created by Mark Greenfield and Assistant Director Constance Tarbox