WA(i)STED, created and performed by Constance Tarbox, combines an eclectic collage of text, movement and images to offer a visceral look at the physical violence pervading the factory farm industry as well as the emotional violence present in self-destructive addictions.


The evening begins as the audience literally crawls through a long, red tunnel to emerge in Constance's "womb," an enclosed textured tent filled with eggs, dumpsters, live music and refreshments. After some pre-show partying to get everyone in the mood, the audience is invited to make themselves comfortable on egg crate cushions to watch the show.


The performance itself is a collection of monologues, video, songs, dance, body/flesh manipulation, chicken suits and HoHo's. Those uncomfortable with nudity or explicit content should probably stay home. Those brave enough to venture into the fray will join Constance as she explores:


What does America WASTE?

Why are we obsessed with our WAISTS?

Why is it so appealing to get WASTED?


We might not find answers, but we'll at least get good and messy. (Please dress appropriately...)


After the show, everyone is invited to dance the night away to awesome bands. Clothing optional.