"#13 of the 42 Reasons To Applaud NYC Theater" 

-Time Out New York


"Faux-Real grapples with the audience-engagement problem from an entirely different perspective. Using Grotowski and Le Coq movement-theater techniques, the company balances an extreme avant-garde approach in their texts and staging with a ripping good show that's accessible to even mainstream audiences." (Click HERE for complete text.)

-The Village Voice



"Bring your appetite, not your inhibitions, to the eating, drinking, moving, touching participatory theater experience that is "Funbox Times Square." (Click HERE for complete text.) 



"All I know is I ate hot unusual foods, sucked up an unknown elixir from a communal bowl, fed a cute boy who was begging me for a dog biscuit and slow danced with a likely candidate for shock therapy. In short, I had a ball."

-HX Magazine


"If you enjoyed going to the fun-house as a kid, you'll love this FUNBOX for adults as you join the Faux-Real Theatre in their innovative explorations into what theater can be in the year 2000 and beyond."

-Shout Magazine


"A fourth-wall-busting hybrid of dramatic convention and rock sensibilities - mosh-pit theater."



"A post-millennium amusement park, teetering on the brink of purgatory, actors... sweep the audience through the more primeval experiences on life's journey - from birth to death."





"If he thought parting was sweet sorrow, just wait'll he experiences the tragedy of being reunited. The Bard is back, as he must confront the ghosts of his literary past- including Macbeth, the Witches, Richard III, Hamlet's Ghost, and Caliban- as guests enjoy a uniquely interactive Shakespearean scare presented by The Faux-Real Theatre Co." 

-Big Apple Parent


"The experience gave a whole new meaning to lines like 'Let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood.' My 4 year-old son loved it." 

-The New York Times


"This annual, ghoulish fright-night event scares up fun for kids and adults. Plus, it's educational -- now that's really scary!" 

-Digital City


"In Shakespeare's Haunted House, Faux-Real's annual Halloween show, all the scariest scenes from Shakespeare (the ones with ghosts, monsters, witches, and murderers) are re-created by the troupe, with the audience passing through them. The operative word at these productions is "carnival." They're a kind of medieval marketplace, where any second a new and bawdy surprise might pop up." (Click HERE for complete text.) 

-The Village Voice


"Whether it's Ophelia from 'Hamlet' in a show-stopping dead faint, the Third Witch from 'Macbeth' with eyes demonically engorged, or Richard III in the tragic throes, the actors are almost frighteninly possessed by real and impressive powers of concentration." 





“Classical theater isn’t always my cup of tea, because I have a hard time with archaic, verbose language. But this production of Oedipus Rex made the language and story all the more beautiful through its clever, stark, and very physical staging; expressive and sparsely-used masks; expressive and sparsely-used sound effects; and most importantly, its stunning performances.”  (Click HERE for complete text.) 

-Yellow Springs News




"Some of the most tireless revelers in Manhattan playgrounds this summer aren't children. But they do zoom down slides, climb on monkey bars and yell at the top of their lungs...And the troupe seems really magical: how else to explain its ability to earn children's rapt attention in the midst of a playground? " 

-The New York Times




"There's no doubt that this comic concoction is first-class fun." 

-The New York Times