Presented in the summer of 1993 and 1994 HTEBCAM was The Faux-Real Theatre Company's first production. The show, a reworking of Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth presented in a backwards reincarnation, traces the path from evil to innocence, counteracting the predictions of fate. Conceived, adapted and directed by Mark Greenfield, HTEBCAM was performed at the House of Candles Theatre in 1993 and at the St. Marks Theatre in 1994.


HTEBCAM is an hour-long search for man's control over fate, as exemplified in the spectacle of a killer brought back to life. Macduff puts Macbeth's head back onto his decapitated body, pulls his sword out, and then Macbeth springs up, screaming “damn’d be him that first cries, hold, enough!” Macbeth then races backwards through his life, in an effort to undo his sins. Each killing from Macbeth becomes a reincarnation, each prophecy becomes a summary and each exit becomes an entrance, with the actors moving backwards across the stage. HTEBCAM presents action in reverse, the backwards movements serving merely as the physical manifestations of time unraveled with the production highlighting the deeper issue of man's ability to exert control over his own history.