The Faux-Real Theatre Company (FRTC) creates original theatrical works; invigorates classic texts; mounts site-specific indoor and outdoor productions and makes high quality theatre accessible to a broad spectrum of New Yorkers. Productions often cross the boundary between spectator and actor, inviting audiences to engage directly with characters. The name Faux-Real is meant to embody a stylized aesthetic that synthesizes contrasting elements making ancient texts and challenging contemporary works exciting to a populace audience.



FRTC is a NY production company under the guidance of the Artistic Director and 6 core artistic members, including some 200 affiliate artists. Since 1994, FRTC has created 14 full-scale productions of original works, 4 plays by contemporary playwrights, 5 season-long reading series, and 6 classical plays co-produced with affiliate companies. FRTC encourages members to create their own work by producing or co-producing projects, providing costumes, lights and sound equipment, attending rehearsals and providing artistic and logistical feedback. FRTC approaches work on a project-by-project -basis. Shows vary in location, run length, cast size, and content, ranging, for example, from deconstructed Shakespeare performed by 26 actors for family audiences at Belvedere Castle to a solo LGBT themed show presented in café settings. FRTC shows are grounded in the belief that substantial content and entertainment are symbiotic components, both vital in the creation of relevant theatre.



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